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Microsoft Open Door 2010 – Day 2

In my last post I shared with you what I found out on Microsoft Open Door 2010 Day 1.  This post for the proceedings of Day2 of the event.

Most of you must be knowing the release of Internet Explorer 9 is just around the corner. Microsoft is promoting their new browser big time. This event had a full session dedicated to a features review of IE9 and a relative performance comparison with its contemporary browsers. The session was presented by Asli Bilgin (Web Strategy Lead for Middle East & Africa).

IE9Asli told that Microsoft is working with bodies responsible for the web standards to make sure the development for cross browser websites is easier. There is special focus for adapting to the specification of HTML5 and CSS3. To optimize the execution time of Javascript, IE9 comes with a new Javascript Engine “Chakra” which, according to a study by WebKit SunSpider, takes IE9 amongst the ranks of the fastest browsers.  Considering the fact that almost all Windows machines shipped in the last decade have been with GPU, developers of IE9 leverage the machine’s GPU to improve the performance of the web content it renders. To demonstrate the features of IE9, she opened up the Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive page which contains several tests for the new features in IE9 and ran those on different browsers, highlighting the areas where IE9 was winning.

The second session I attended was by Renat Minazhdinov (Technical Community Collaboration Manager – Middle East & Africa) under the title “Microsoft resources for Developers: how to take most of your work with Microsoft”. Renat stressed at the need for developers (and other IT Pros) to constantly keep themselves updated with the latest tools/technologies that are coming out. Employers these days do very little to properly train their employees for whatever is new in the market, therefore employees should have a direct access to the best training resources online.

Renat explained that Microsoft encourages people to try software for free. He suggested using software from MSDN Evaluation Center or Technet Evaluation Center rather than opting for pirated version from some torrent. He claimed that Microsoft is the most social organization as it encourages its employees to share technical information, upcoming tools/technologies and trends. This is in contrast with some other organizations (like Apple) where employees are legally prohibited to share such information. This means people looking for technical information as well as solution for their development related problems, have a chance to directly interact with Microsoft experts on places such as:

For more information, you can find the presentation slides here and here.

I found participation in the event very useful, got a chance to meet people from other organizations in the IT industry and had a chance to see presenters sharing the latest from a giant like Microsoft. Looking forward for more events like these…


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Microsoft Open Door 2010 – Day 1

Last week I had the chance to witness Microsoft Open Door 2010 held at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi on Nov 4 and 5. The event was aimed at showcasing the latest as well the upcoming Microsoft products in the market.

The event had sessions carried out in parallel tracks. I chose to attend those in the developer track mostly. The precise list of the sessions is available at Microsoft official site.

The first and the most interesting one of those I attended was by Asli Bilgin(Web Strategy Lead for Middle East & Africa). She shared some interesting facts about the developer community in Pakistan, comparing it to Turkey(her birthplace).

  • Geographical Area – Pakistan 790 sq km, Turkey 780 sq km
  • Population – Pakistan 170 M, Turkey  72 M
  • Web developers – Pakistan 20%, Turkey 10% of Total MEA (Middle East & Africa) web developers.
  • Market Share in Web Hosting : Pakistan 4%, Turkey 35%
  • No. of registered User Groups : Pakistan 41, Turkey 9, South Africa 9, Egypt 0, Saudi Arabia 9

That’s encouraging!

Apart from the facts, here are a couple of things that caught my attention:

  • Microsoft WebMatrix – a free Microsoft tool that provides rapid development methodologies for building websites on Windows. It includes IIS Express (a development Web server), ASP.NET (a Web framework), and SQL Server Compact (an embedded database).
  • Micorosoft Web Platform Installer – another free Microsoft tool that facilitates setting up your environment for web development on Windows.

InshaAllah, I plan to share further about these in later posts. More stuff about Microsoft Open Door 2010(Day 2) in my next post.

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