Microsoft Open Door 2010 – Day 1

Last week I had the chance to witness Microsoft Open Door 2010 held at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi on Nov 4 and 5. The event was aimed at showcasing the latest as well the upcoming Microsoft products in the market.

The event had sessions carried out in parallel tracks. I chose to attend those in the developer track mostly. The precise list of the sessions is available at Microsoft official site.

The first and the most interesting one of those I attended was by Asli Bilgin(Web Strategy Lead for Middle East & Africa). She shared some interesting facts about the developer community in Pakistan, comparing it to Turkey(her birthplace).

  • Geographical Area – Pakistan 790 sq km, Turkey 780 sq km
  • Population – Pakistan 170 M, Turkey  72 M
  • Web developers – Pakistan 20%, Turkey 10% of Total MEA (Middle East & Africa) web developers.
  • Market Share in Web Hosting : Pakistan 4%, Turkey 35%
  • No. of registered User Groups : Pakistan 41, Turkey 9, South Africa 9, Egypt 0, Saudi Arabia 9

That’s encouraging!

Apart from the facts, here are a couple of things that caught my attention:

  • Microsoft WebMatrix – a free Microsoft tool that provides rapid development methodologies for building websites on Windows. It includes IIS Express (a development Web server), ASP.NET (a Web framework), and SQL Server Compact (an embedded database).
  • Micorosoft Web Platform Installer – another free Microsoft tool that facilitates setting up your environment for web development on Windows.

InshaAllah, I plan to share further about these in later posts. More stuff about Microsoft Open Door 2010(Day 2) in my next post.


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  1. #1 by Faiza on November 9, 2010 - 6:07 pm


  2. #2 by Imam Raza on November 10, 2010 - 10:01 am

    I just have look at WebMatrix, its really worth for looking especially for cms developer. For Organization like Folio3 this is good tool as it provides support for all platforms especially.

    Thanks Faraz for sharing this.

    • #3 by Syed Muhammad Faraz on November 10, 2010 - 11:03 am

      Yeah. I have seen the introductory video for WebMatrix. It looks good, has integration with VS. Some other features also impressed me. Thats why plan to study it in detail and share more about it…

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